Our Experiences

Our Experience


We understand that different commodities require different treatments. From transporting coal duff to mineral concentrates and LNG, we’ve been there done that . At Patria Maritime Lines, we transport your prized commodities with care


Coal Duff


Coal Duff is a mixture of coal and water with the largest coal particles around 7 mm. It is less liable to liquefaction than coal slurry, but does require its monitoring of its moisture during transport process. We transport coal duff using xxx , doing xxx to prevent liquefaction. By doing so we managed to transport it intact with very minimum damage.




Mineral Concentrates


Many different types of concentrates are handled in various parts of the world and in varying quantities. Most of these cargoes are extremely heavy and have a low transportable moisture limit (TML).

We transport mineral concentrates using xxx, doing xxx to maintain its moisture level. By doing so we managed to transport it while maintaining its condition.